Extremity #1

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Out Wednesday March 1st is Extremity #1, from Skybound by Image Comics. The Sci-fi tragedy is created, written and illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson (Space Mullet). With some additional help with coloring from Michael Spicer (Horizon) with the perfect palette. In a world of futuristic space vikings, war becomes a means of survival. It’s a classic tale of royal revenge, that’s been completely spun into a new way. With it’s inimitably detailed art and vivid colors, this is definitely one to take your time with and enjoy.

Thea is the princess of the Roto, beautiful, smart, kind, the most talented artist in her clan, and known throughout the floating plains. Or at least was, until the Paznina attacked, taking their home from her people. The ruthlessness didn’t stop there, her mother was murdered and Thea’s hand taken. Years pass, but Thea still thinks of drawing and tries to recreate beauty with her cold metal hand. Thea’s brother Rollo notices and complements her before their father calls for them.

The Roto clan is aboard their warship, and making ready for battle, a surprise attack on a piece of the Paznina war machine. Thea rides off on a small speeder, sneaking past guards and disabling power to the floating fortress. The Roto begin to chant for their king, as he puts on his “war paint”, a face mask made from his enemies bones. That’s when the Roto ship careens into the Paznina fortress, causing a cacophony of steel and blood.

The lord of the fortress, Asmund, is now alerted to the situation and begins to panic and flee. However the Roto king and his men catch Asmund and chain him to an executioner’s block. Abba Jerico the king, instructs Rollo to cut off Asmund’s hands after taking a trophy, but he cannot. Thea however can and is eager to do it as well, she remembers how Asmund played a fiddle when she lost her hand. Then begins to hack off the hands of the chained warlord. The Roto leave Asmund for the Paznina to find with a message and Rollo ask’s his sister Thea if what she did, made her feel any better.

Extremity is a work of art, with every single panel looking as though it took weeks to ink. With amazing environmental design combining elements of sci-fi and mid-evil. Thea’s hand alone, looks like a crappy metal nub with fingers, but in reality is a complex prosthesis with several functions. Even though she doesn’t control it as well as her own, it’s defiantly an extension of her. Thea in general is very refreshing, she isn’t your typical princess, she’s been through an incredible tragedy that changed her and if anything has made her stronger. It’s obvious that Daniel Warren Johnson has not only taken a lot of time developing both the characters and their relationships but the world they live in as well. I have no doubt that this series will be amazing, I suggest picking up a copy fast before everyone runs out and it goes to second print.

10 out of 10

by Garret Tumey

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