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Regression #1

Posted by Comic City in comics, Reviews

When a person reverts to a former or lesser state, that’s what’s know as Regression. That’s not the case for Cullen Bunn (Harrow County), Danny Luckert (Haunted)andMarie Enger (Dept. H), with their horrifying new comic out from Image this week. On shelves May 10th, you can witness where ones mind can go, when things in the… Read More.

American Gods #1

Posted by Comic City in comics, Reviews

Out on March 15th from Dark Horse is Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, this series is an adaptation of Gaiman’s original novel of the same name from 2001. After winning a Hugo and Nebula award, Gaiman revisits the novel to adapt it to not only comic book form, but also as a TV series on Starz soon…. Read More.

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